Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just When You Think You Have it ALLLLLLL figured out! :)

Well I'm sure you're all wondering why we have not shared who we have been matched with.... and that is because we have not been matched.

One week they are calling and telling us we have 2-3 options of kids to be matched with. The next week they are calling to tell us that EVERYTHING is changing in how they match kids in Haiti (and probably a few other adoption processes will be changing as well)..... and we'll have to just wait and see what this means for us. So we are back to the wait game. It was a  blow to us and our hopes of having an idea of who our child is. There isn't much we can do, but wait and see what will happen next. I can imagine this just means that our process will be longer than what we were hoping.

Our son continues to wait for his brother or sister to come home. He asks lots of questions as to when that will be. I wish I had more answers to tell him. Good thing he is a good sport about it, and more patient than I am! The other day his teacher brought her baby to class for the kids to meet her. Asher told the teacher: "Your baby is cute. My mom and dad are bringing me a baby from Haiti" :) Makes me smile. He also asked me today if the baby from Haiti was in my belly.... So I don't think he understand this whole concept completely... :) But as much as he can understand is perfect.

APwebbraceletfundAlso this past week we have picked up a new fundraiser. Other people have posted that this is their FAVORITE fundraiser... and I must say it is mine too! We are selling bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that are made in Haiti by women and families trying to keep their kids from becoming orphans. You can read more about thier awesome program here:

If you are interested in buying something from us please email me with your order. It is awesome because they help both us and families in Haiti. 

I pray that this finds you well.
We always appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and encouraging words!

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